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Remodling, Where to Start

Please click here for more information on remoleing and where to begin to have a successful project.

Computerized Design

We at Kitchens Baths Etc., use the latest design software from 20-20. With this program, we can generate three dimensional drawings of your project as well as floor plans and elevations. We also generate an itme list that shows all the items necessary to create your project. Part of our sales process is to go over all items on this list so you know exactly what you are getting and what it is used for. We also go over the construction specifications for the cabinets on your project. It covers things like Box Construction, Door Style, Finish, Drawers etc. Our goal is for you to understand what you are buying and for you to receive exactly what you expect.

Job Site Measurement

Once we put together a design we will then call you to give you the cost. When you decide to get the cabinets from us, we will then set an appointment with you to field measure your job. We charge to field measure, but we will credit you back the cost in full when you commit to place the order with us, so the field measure will cost you nothing as long as you place the order.


All orders are shipped directly to our warehouse where we confirm that the orders are complete and in good condition. Your sales associate will then call to inform you that your order is in. Along with your purchase from K. B. Etc., we give you 2 weeks free storage at our facility. We contract with F & W Home Delivery at (818) 785-0295. You should call them as soon as you know when you can receive your cabinets. They deliver on Tuesday thru Saturday. We recommend that you schedule for the a.m. during the week for the most reliable delivery times. Be sure to call them on the day of your delivery to confirm.


We use only licensed professional cabinetry installers and will be happy to give a quote on installation. If you have specific questions regarding installation, you can contact Jason Wever directly at Accurate Install Cabinetry at (818)470-9594. You do not need to use our installers, you can find your own or install the cabinets yourself, but installation is an important part of achieving a beautiful, finished project.

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